Friday, May 24, 2019

Almost 3 Years Later...

September '16, when I was blogging about the trip.
The online world has changed a lot since this blog began back in 2010.  With that, especially over the past 3 years, we've changed how our family "lives" online.  We used to be an open book, posting YouTube videos, blogging weekly, and posting a moment-by-moment on facebook.  That began to change a few years ago as the focus of this blog changed, we stopped posting so much on YouTube (ideally, we will start filming again, but editing is time-consuming!), and finally, over the past year, I've dwindled my facebook use by about 99%.  I purged my "friend" list from over 1000 to under 700, most all of those people being deaf community members.  There are reasons for these decisions that I'll get in to later.
November '17 family pics by Amelia K Hamilton
In considering resurrecting the blog, there are a few areas in life that I process better when I write about them.  A major topic the majority of people who still follow this blog are most likely interested in is the language development of the boys.  Over the past 8 years since we adopted them, we've seen a LOT of changes and still experience challenges.  We are in the middle of some testing and language studies that will result in some actionable tasks for our family. Blogging about the process could be fun and useful, hopefully.
December '18 - Actually what life usually looks like.
It's likely that you'll also see blogs about a couple of other topics that center around some major perspective changes I've been working through over the past number of years that, for now, I'll call "deconstruction."  Like a lot of you, I've found myself having to deconstruct so much about the way I think and perceive things.  It's to the point it feels like I need to write it out, even if it's ever just for me.  I'll make sure to tag each blog so you can easily filter out the types of posts you want and don't want to see.


  1. Ha, thanks! The boys are doing some testing and are a part of a language study, so hopefully, there will be interesting stuff to write about!

  2. I think deconstructing is a healthy objective, especially these days it seems. Welcome back. You have been missed.

    1. Thanks, Susan! Every time I try to write about it though, I can't seem to form a coherent few paragraphs! It's hard work. :)