China Trip Schedule

Wanna know where in China we are?  Check in with us here

July 4: Travel 20 hours! DFW to Chicago, then to Beijing, China.
July 5-9: Sightsee, sleep, adjust to China time and prepare for the boys! 
July 10: Travel to Zhengzhou, the capital of Tian's province.  Our last day as a family of 5!
July 11: Gotcha Day for Tian!
July 12: Adoption Day for Tian!! Exactly one year since we "found" him! Paperwork filled out. Supermarket trip.  One-year marker of first seeing Tian via email.
July 13: Visit ZZ SWI. Rest.  Tian's bday! 
July 14: Visit Shaolin Temple.
July 15: Get Tian's passport. Fly to Fuzhou, the capital of Travis' province.
July 16: Free day in Fujian
July 17: Gotcha day for Travis!
July 18: Adoption day for Travis!! Paperwork filled out.
July 19: Panda World
July 20: Mall, etc.
July 21: Last full day in Fuzhou
July 22: Get Travis' passport. Fly to Guangzhou, city of the US Consulate.
July 23: Boys' physical & photos.
July 24: Free day in Guangzhou
July 25: TB test read 
July 26: To US Consulate to take the oath! 
July 27: Receive the boys' visas.
July 28: Fly to Shanghai, then to USA!
July 29: Arrive home to DFW!