Prayer Requests

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of him.I John 5:14-15

1. Tian’s and Xu’s birth moms and all of the other moms in China forced to make impossible decisions.
2. Tian’s foster family
3. The caretakers, nannies, directors, etc. at the Sanming and Zhengzhou SWIs.
4. The boys will experience grief at different stages of their life.  Please pray that they will be able to express their grief.  That they will feel "allowed" and comfortable to express their feelings to us and God will provide wisdom to us and place other people in their lives to help them with issues they will face being adopted, relinquished by birth family, Asian-American, etc. 

Look at what God has done! He is faithful and hears our (YOUR) Prayers. We can’t thank you enough for approaching God on our behalf.
1. God’s plan for us and for “some little boy” He has for us. answered!! 7/13
2. CCIA application for adoption will be translated correctly and officially approved .answered!!
3. We will complete our homestudy as quickly as possible.answered!! 9/23<
4. Successful interview (Ken and Sarah only) on Sunday afternoon (07/25).answered!!
5. Family interview/home visit Wednesday (8/5) answered!!
6. Successful doctor appointment (8/4) answered!!
7. Speedy review and approval of homestudy. (10/11)answered!! Took 10 days as opposed to 30.
8. Speedy turnaround of certified documents. (10/03)answered!!
9. No documents lost in the mail during the sealing process.answered!! 1/17
10. Approval from USCIS.answered!! 12/7
11.Supernatural speed of fingerprinting/background checks with USCIS. To God be the glory. answered!! 12/7 Under 5 weeks for entire process!!
12. Quick paper processing for last 2 documents: amended homestudy and USCIS I-797 to be certified and authenticated. *Praying to have them sealed and returned to us by Januray 17th* answered!! 1/17, rec’vd by CCAI 1/18
13. Questions sent to Xu’s nannies answered and his gift package rec’vd. answered!! 1/19!
14. Protection over Tian Shi and Xu En while they are waiting for us. answered and continuing: We have learned Tian WAS in a rare orphan room run by the adoption agency we are using. This means he received very good care by trained nannies! And now we know he is in a foster home.
Xu En is in what appears to be a nice Social Welfare Institute. We want to get him out as soon as possible! An orphanage is not a great place for a child, no matter how sweet the nannies and how well-trained the staff.  We know God is Xu’s (and Tian’s) Father and His care will shelter them. God again blessed us beyond what we ever asked by leading us to find one of Xu En's friends

15. DTC (Documents To China) by February 1st. Pray for no mistakes in our dossier and that it arrives safely in China without being lost or mishandled. We did have mistakes in our dossier. Three BIG ones, in fact. 2 were remedied fairly easily, but one required us to go back for more blood work and urinalysis (fun). Therefore, our documents will not be to China Feb. 1st.  Here’s the blessing: Right now is Chinese New Year (CNY). Even if our dossier were ready to go, our agency won’t mail them until the end of CNY (Feb 11 or so). So the “glitch” IS fixable and isn’t causing us too much stress because it won’t effect our time more than a few days.
In addition, for reasons I can’t even post here, this mistake we made way back in August that “just happened” to be overlooked until now is truly a blessing. More than I can express here. I’m thanking God that he doesn’t always give me the “yes” answer that I want.
answered with His perfect plan

16. DTC at the end of CNY, around Feb 11. Dossier to China with no mistakes or mishandling.answered! 2/11 arrived in China 2/15
17. We had been praying to get them in March.  We can now see that is not God's plan, so He answered, but his answer was "no".  We are trusting Him, even when His answers don't match what WE think should happen. answered: not yet
18.LID (Log In Date). Our documents will arrive to China safely. LID will happen quickly after they get our documents. answered 2/18>19. For the house to sell by mid-February. God has answered "no". We aren't sure why and can't see the positive side in this yet, but KNOW He's got it and He's doing something big.
20. Sell the house by mid-February.  God answered "wait".  House was sold mid-April.

21. We have LOA for both boys! A major step and milestone.
22. God's guidance over our decisions: to take the house off the market? to drop the townhouse? to change our address on our paperwork? Also for our faith and our kids' faith in God and His sovereignty over this. Thanking God for leading us to move to the townhouse and the address change was processed! 04/2011
23.Our supplement 3 to be processed and approved in a time that will not lengthen the wait to travel.ANSWERED!!! 04-16
24. House to sell ASAP. We have a contract!! 04/2011

25. God provided friends who supported us financially at just the right times. (through entire process)
26.  Praying we are approved for a specific grant and loan for which we have applied. **Answered!!  We got it! April 2011** **AND at just the right time, God provided, through a friend, very low-cost international airfare to and from China! May 2011**
27. Sale of house to process and close on May 15. (Thanking God inspections brought no surprises. Nothing to be done to the house!) ANSWERED!**Closed 5/16**
28. Now praying to receive a no-interest loan from Lifesong to help us cover remaining adoption costs.  Answered no. We don't know why and were bummed, but know God has a purpose and He will provide what we need. Still thankful for the generous grant from JSC Foundation.
29. Visa and immigration paperwork to get to the right place and in a timely manner. done!
30. Funding for the remaining travel costs.  God has provided beyond what we could have asked or imagined (see # 26) and we are asking Him and trusting for the last amount we need for in China. God is the giver of all good things! He did not answer this early, but did answer throughout the process, providing exactly what we needed when we needed it. Wow!
31. Travel to China:  We are praying to leave IN JUNE. God can do anything!! We got TA today! We will be leaving the first week of July.  It's not June, but close and we are SO VERY thankful!

32. Xu En’s safety and well-being while in the Sanming SWI. answered
33. Grace for our entire family as we transition into becoming a family of seven.

 Prepare the boys' hearts for us. They will be confused and will grieve the loss of their life, caretakers, friends, and all that is familiar in China.  Pray that God comforts them and gives us the grace, peace and patience we will need and that the boys soon will know we are their family.
This was answered beyond our wildest dreams. In China, they quickly attached to us. They now have been home almost one month. They seem to understand we truly love them.  They offer us lots of hugs and kisses, don't want to go with any other people, and seem to understand we are their family. Of course, that is something they will continue to learn as the months go on.
34. God's will over our entire China trip.  We have plans: to not get sick. to visit certain places. to have uneventful flights. We also know God's will over our trip is better than anything we can ask for.  We do ask for prayers of health and safety, but above all, that our family will glorify God during these 3 weeks in China.
This was also answered completely! You'll have to read about it in the blog. Amazing!