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Austin Summer's End

I posted a blog covering our June summer fun in and around Austin. We ended up repeating some of those activities during July and August, then added a few new activities, including our day trip to San Marcos.

If you're looking for more ways to beat the heat in the sweltering Austin July and August, here are some ways we found and enjoyed:

Omni Barton Creek Resort
Look for a good deal on an overnight stay and enjoy a quick getaway.  If you're fortunate enough to have friends or family visiting town and staying here, you can make a fun day of visiting! Swimming, putt-putt, and a treasure-hunt inside the hotel.
Barton Springs Pool at Zilker Park
The area surrounding Barton Springs was recently renovated.  Barton is always a good plan on a hot summer day.  The only thing that prevents us from going more often is the rule about kids wearing "floaties."  Floats of any kind, including the wearable vests, are not allowed on the west side.  This means at least one parent has t…

A Day in San Marcos

Recently, we visited the day in San Marcos, Texas.  We were going to visit some of the seniors at La Vista Independent Community.  Since we were driving 45 minutes south and since this was our last week of no-school-freedom, we decided to make a day of it!  We had two challenges:
1. We're on a tight budget. 2. It's stinkin' hot outside.
First stop: Meadows Center for Water and the Environment.  As much as we swam in the cold, crystal-clear springs in Austin, we figured we would pay homage to the source of all of our cool summer fun. The Groupon for the boat tour made it a perfect option for us. 
We arrived at the sweeping property of The Meadows Center and pulled up to the building advertising the glass-bottom boat.  We were able to hop on the very next boat with a 10:00 launch time.  It was breezy and cool enough at 10:00 that we were very comfortable throughout the 30-minute tour.  My kids, ages 5 to 14, totally enjoyed it as much as I did.

After the boat tour and walk, i…