Adoption Process

  1. CCIA application for adoption officially approved . Our documents are currently being translated.
  2. Completed homestudy. (physical examsmarriage/birth certificates ordered, intent to adopt letter, police clearance, financial statements, employment verifications, dossier photos, employment/insurance verifications, interviews. ) Yay!! We are finished!! 9/23
  3. Approval of homestudy.  This could take a month, but we are praying for supernatural speed on this!  Approved in TEN DAYS, not one month!! 10/11
  4. Invitation from USCIS, background check, then approval. *5-10 weeks* Only took 4 1/2 weeks from invite to approval!
  5. Notarization, certification and authentication (“sealing”) process for dossier documents. (Most of this is done [12 documents]. Now we will certify and authenticate the last 4 documents.)  **We did have to redo our medical forms, including having them sealed. They will be back at CCAI 2/11.
  6. Sealed dossier materials submitted to CCAI.  *9-11 days so they can review it* To read more about this, visit
  7.  DTC!! Documents to China! This will be a major milestone. *They should be sent to China right after CNY* 2/11
  8.  LID!! We get our Log In Date from China, meaning our dossier is in their computer system. 2/18
  9. LOA!! Letter of approval from China.  We will get this, sign a few documents that go back to China. This is the official approval from China that we can, indeed, adopt specifically Tian and Xu. We have been told it will probably be a 2-month wait, meaning mid-April. We are praying for it to be faster than that. Yes! It WAS faster! LOA Tian: 3/22; LOA Xu: 3/24
  10. I-800A, Supplement 3, and I-800 provisional approval (PA), NVC Letter, Article 5
  11.  TA!! Travel Approval: Receive invitation to travel to China. 
  12.  Travel to China!  All five of us will be going.
    *Our original prayer was that we could get them in March, but we know now the wait will be longer.  Our new prayer is that we will get them before their birthdays (June 1 and July 13).  This will still require a miracle, as predicted times say it will likely be mid-June to July when we can go get them.