Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day Three: Jellystone Camp at Mammoth Cave

The photos are worth a thousand words if I can ever get them all uploaded.  (The WiFi here is a joke, at least at our site. But we’re camping and having family time, so technology is not a huge priority anyway.)
Let me just say a few things:
Water Warriors Weekend.  It’s amazing! People from Arkansas, Indiana, and other neighboring states were here this weekend especially for Water Warriors.  The parks is packed to full capacity.  Evidently it’s only done once per summer and it is FUN!  We were wet the entire day, which was perfect, considering it was 105 degrees.  Wet is the only way to survive outside.  Considering that this place is full and it’s stinkin’ hot out, we’ve had a great time!  We don’t feel cramped or run-over at all.  The park hosts and the campers are all friendly and fun.
Ken has stayed in 99% of the day.  He has a fever and headache, but says he thinks it is just the heat.  My goal today has been to let him rest inside.  I’m praying he’ll feel better tomorrow.
Swimming!  300-foot water slide Travis went down by himself!
The boys’ first time playing putt putt.  They loved it and played so unfairly, just as they should.
Super-cool jumping pillow.
The park had all-you-can-eat waffles for breakfast. I cooked Korean beef and rice for lunch, then threw together taco salad for dinner.
We are learning the quirks of the RV.  Like, since it’s 30 AMP, we have to shut off the AC if we want to use the microwave.  Also, I can’t plug my electric skillet into the RV if the AC is running.  I have to plug it in at the 110 city electricity.  We are feeling more comfy and are enjoying the RV very much.  It’s nice to be at a full hook-up site where we don’t have to worry about the grey or black tanks filling up or the fresh water running out.
I have barely seen TJ today.  The girls come back to the RV more often and have stayed with me for quite a bit of the time, but TJ made a friend the first 5 minutes we were out there and, other than forcing him to come eat lunch at 4:00, then him coming home to devour some taco salad at about 7:00, he’s been out jumping, water-warring, swimming, sliding, and having all kinds of fun.  His friend, Jeff, has 3 sisters and 2 brothers and is also homeschooled, which he didn’t realize until late tonight.  It ends up they are camped right across from us, too!
Tonight, we found a tiny bird under our outdoor kitchen table.  He was nestled in a towel and appears to be hurt.  About scared me to death!  I reached down to get something out of my small bin and noticed something furry.  My first thought was “mouse!”  He won’t move when we go near him, but will open his beak.  Sweet Kenzie is very concerned about him and, of course, wants to save him.  We’re hoping he’s still alive in the morning.
The older kids are still out (at 10:10pm) doing karaoke, cleverly called KaraYogi, in the main building.  I’m making them come in at 10:15 so I can force TJ into the shower and get them to bed.  We leave bright and early in the morning to head up to Louisville.  It’s been a FABulous day!  I highly recommend Jellystone Parks if they are all like this one!

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