Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Teasing Tian

This morning, while I was making pancakes, Tian was playing around in the kitchen.  He had grabbed his toothbrush and was using it to "clean" the front of the refrigerator.  For a cleaning agent, he sipped his milk, put his brush in his mouth to fill the bristles with milk, then turned on the brush, scrubbing the fridge from top to bottom.

At lunch, I was sweating over a pot of beans and weinies when I heard the boys in my bathroom.   I sent Hannah in to check on them and her "Mooooommm!!!" let me know I was in for a surprise.  This is what was up:
A sink full of bubbles with Tian right in the thick of it! [Instagram]
While I was emptying the sink of bubbles, Tian ran into the kitchen, grabbed my quickly-neglected-because-I-ran-to-the-bathroom open can of beans and proceeded to cut his finger nice and deep.  He didn't cry one bit.  He simply came into the bathroom (where I was still cleaning up) and signed/said, "Please, bandaid, hurt."

One more cute, but not ornerey Tian story:  Yesterday, we went to tour the RV we will be driving to Louisville.  After looking at two RVs, we headed to the grocery store.  On the way there, Tian began crying as if he was hurt.  He was fussing, not telling me what was wrong.  After my prodding, he finally signed "CAMP. TRUCK. MONSTER!"  I thought he was signing "HURT" incorrectly (looking like "camp"), but Hannah corrected me.  He was (obviously) saying he wanted to go back to the RV (monster truck) and go camping!  Silly and smart!  I guess any super-large vehicle is now a monster truck in his eyes.

If you didn't see this on facebook, then here's a quick video of Tian saying his new favorite phrase:


  1. Ouch! But cute!! Glad he's ok and you got the mess cleaned up!

  2. They are so cute :D and you are always in action! ;)

  3. lol...tooooo cute!!!!!!