Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day Seven: Hanging Out in Louisville

The kids are loving the playground here at the KOA campsite.  They played for a while this morning, then we went across the bridge to a splash park.  Wet is the only way to survive outdoors right now.

The boys at the splash pad
On our way back to the RV, we swung by the skate park to check things out.  The photos online look amazing, but reality was quite different.  The skate park is evidently in a bad part of town.  Trash was everywhere.  Graffiti covering most places.  (Not the pretty graffiti, either.)  The place was completely abandoned, which I thought was strange for a holiday.  Our skate park would be packed.  Then we noticed two police cars in front of the park and realized they must have just cleared out the place.  We're not sure if we'll go back and skate or not!  It was pretty creepy.

Aunt Janice, Chris, Hal and the boy Brownies.
In the early afternoon, Ken got back from work and we headed over to his Aunt Janice's house.  They have a beautiful Victorian home just down the street from here.   I was happy to finally meet Janice, Vicki and their families!

After eating some delicious burgers and hot dogs, we headed back over to the RV.  Ken ran over to Wal-Mart, then went to bed, but the kids and I stayed up and found some locals setting off fireworks.  These people take their fireworks seriously!  Just about on every street, people were in front of their house setting off pretty big explosives.  It was fun to watch!
Check out today's photos here.

Ken with his Aunt Vicki and family, standing in front of
the gorgeous stained glass window

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