Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Rest of the Journey - RV Adventures Days 11-15

Finally finishing up our trip blog!

We left early Sunday morning and headed to St. Louis.  On our way, we had a tire blow-out.   The blowout caused damage to back fiberglass, then the tire guy messed up the side of the RV by placing the jack in the wrong place.  The blessing over that was that a storm was brewing in the distance, so we had a nice, cool breeze while waiting for the tire service.

We arrived in St. Louis a bit later than we first planned, but still had time to park, then get a taxi to the Arch.  We were happy we had thought to call ahead and make reservations.  The lines for tickets were long and the 7:00 time we had secured was sold out.

Ken and I woke early the next morning and decided to head on over about a half-hour to the Wal-Mart by Six Flags.  For the first time, we let the kids stay asleep in their beds while we drove.  I went grocery shopping while Ken and the kids rested.  Then we were at Six Flags for the opening.  Because of the storm that had passed through the night before, it wasn't too hot.  We had fun riding rides until about 2:00.

We made the 4-hour drive to Beagle Bay, which was a bit of a disappointment, but the owner was super nice, so that made up for the run-down condition of the property.

We were ready to hit the road early Tuesday morning, knowing we needed to stop to check on what seemed to be another messed-up tire.  We stopped in Joplin and two hours later, were back on the road with a new front tire.  We were happy to have met at the truck tire garage, a guy who could sign and helped us find a place that would change the tire for us.

However, after driving about an hour, we felt yet ANOTHER tire wobbling, so had to pull over in Tulsa to get a third and final tire replaced.  Not fun, but life goes on.  We had to change our plans a bit, but finally arrived in Choctaw in the early evening.

We had a fun visit with Grandma and Grandpa Brown.  The kids' cousin Emily spent the night, so the kids had a good time playing, swimming, taking bubble baths, chasing, and giggling.

Overall, and despite the tire problems and heat, we had a great time on our trip.  Ken and I agree that we prefer cruising over RV travel, though!  If we take an RV trip again, we would rent either a trailer or class A, travel less distance, and travel in cooler weather.  Our feelings about RV travel will also be colored depending on whether or not we get back our $500 deposit and $450 we spent on new tires.  Time will tell.

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