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Photo Update

Since I have been totally neglecting my blog, I thought I would update with some photos!  Enjoy!  I keep a pretty steady stream of photos going on Instagram.  Look me up! SARAHRBROWN The boys enjoy their firefighter hats from the Moon Festival Moon cake! The fan celebrated TSD homecoming!  It's a blur, but that's the fun! The older kids enjoyed an afternoon at Jumpoline. As well as a homeschool trip to the Bob Bullock Museum of Texas History! Family homeschool PE time is a blast in Austin. We LOVE the trails out here. The trampoline, a generous hand-me-down from our neighbor, has been an endless source of fun and exercise. We drove up to The Big D to see Pappy, Nana, and The Alliance Airshow. The girls managed to get yet another brother dressed up as a girl. Travis is writing his name!! The letters are all over the place, but they are all there! Tian is also writing 95% of his name! Visiting Nana and Pappy