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Changed Thoughts on Adoption

  I have SO MUCH to learn.  I'm like a first-time mom all over again.  10 years from now, I'm sure I'll look back at some comments I've made over the past year and laugh at myself.  But I don't believe I'm going in blind.   Tian with a grandfather from his foster family in China. Well, it's been just about 10 years since I wrote that , and I was right and wrong. I DO look back at some things and laugh, but I also cringe at a lot.  I wasn't going in blind, but as I have learned, the more I know there is to learn. I cringe at posts like  this .  My statements about provision for the adoption are not even theologically sound.  It's just something I learned to repeat  without really thinking about the implications.  " This was God's plan " and "God provided the funds for us to adopt," are now phrases that I totally disagree with.  How can I say that God decided to give us tens of thousands of dollars to adopt, but not provide a fr