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Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital

With many things in life, we take sides. We are either "for" or "against." On each side, you'll find extremists who will spin data to fit their view. Homeschooling, vaccinations, cochlear implants... you name it, we can argue about it. I often don't share a lot of intactivism material because much of it is in-your-face and extreme, even vulgar.   Intactivism is the support of keeping children intact without altering their genitals in any way.  Finally, a very well-done, scientific, reasonable video about genital cutting, which we call circumcision.  (He will talk about why our language is important.) Here's an article about it, too.  This is NOT intended pour guilt on parents who have already had their children circumcised. We parents simply have done what our parents and their parents did. We did what was culturally acceptable and even expected. We didn't have all the information. Parents are also victims of the practice.  But knowledge