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Loving Austin

We've been here just shy of one week and already love it!  We haven't yet unpacked 30% of our stuff, we don't have a couch, but I already feel like this is "home." When we arrived late last Friday night, the little boys kept saying, "New house! New house!"  We came in the door and the first thing Tian asked was, "Where's Nana?"  Aww.  He's going to miss seeing her and Pappy every week.  My three boys ran all over the house, checking out each room and the backyard.  Yay! We have a backyard again! Hugging the floor We went upstairs and I showed the boys their room.  They were so thrilled, they tried to "hug" the floor.  Thank God they seemed to understand the move.  I had prayed that it wouldn't upset them, that they would know we were all sticking together, that no one would be left behind or moved somewhere new.  From the minute we stepped in the house, they just "got it."  We had been showing them photos

Moving Week

Last Friday, we loaded up all of our belongings into a big, yellow Penske truck and made the drive south to Austin! We have truly enjoyed our time in North Texas.  Moving to the Regency in Coppell was a great decision.  I must record this story.  TJ would kill me now, but by the time reads all of these, he'll be old enough to appreciate it: The girls rode with their dad in the moving truck.  TJ, the little boys, and I rode in the SUV.  As we were getting settled for the drive, TJ said goodbye to his best friend.  Over the past months, they've come to spend every waking-and-not-in-school moment together.  They've fished together, ridden big roller coasters for the first time, had a couple of sleepovers, visited extended family together, and spent hours and hours riding bikes and talking about Star Wars, movies, cars, and who knows what else.  I had to drop some trash off at the dumpster.  Before I got out, I looked at TJ, who appeared contemplative.  I said, "Yo