Moving Week

Last Friday, we loaded up all of our belongings into a big, yellow Penske truck and made the drive south to Austin!

We have truly enjoyed our time in North Texas.  Moving to the Regency in Coppell was a great decision.  I must record this story.  TJ would kill me now, but by the time reads all of these, he'll be old enough to appreciate it:
The girls rode with their dad in the moving truck.  TJ, the little boys, and I rode in the SUV.  As we were getting settled for the drive, TJ said goodbye to his best friend.  Over the past months, they've come to spend every waking-and-not-in-school moment together.  They've fished together, ridden big roller coasters for the first time, had a couple of sleepovers, visited extended family together, and spent hours and hours riding bikes and talking about Star Wars, movies, cars, and who knows what else.  I had to drop some trash off at the dumpster.  Before I got out, I looked at TJ, who appeared contemplative.  I said, "You know, it's just us.  The boys are too little to even if you need to cry a little bit, I don't mind and I won't tell your sisters."  A half-second later, he was sobbing, saying how much he was going to miss his best friend.  He IS a dude, so about 60 seconds later, he sniffed up his tears and felt better.  We talked about how we'll be back for the air show and plan to have his best friend join us.   Times like these I hide in my heart.  His tender, caring heart is a good thing to think about when he's being an ornery kid who seems to be heartless!
Empty truck: TJ, his best friend, Travis, Kenz, Tian

Moving day ended up being quite an experience.  We had horrible movers in Coppell, but then excellent movers in Austin!  We got into Austin late and still they came and unloaded our truck at 9:00pm.  The late hour allowed me to note that more stars are visible from here than in the DFW Metroplex.

It was 11:00 by the time all of our stuff was in the house, so we set up the mattresses and passed out, happy to at least have a soft place to sleep.

I'll tell you all about the new place in my next post...


  1. So touching to hear about TJ! I nearly sniffled too... TJ has a good heart :-) Perhaps TJ and his best friend could keep in touch through Skype?

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