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The Issue of Questioning

It should be no secret to those of you who have followed this blog from the adoption days that I identify as a Christian.  It might be a secret how much I've struggled with that identity over the past 8 years. I've often felt shut down in my questioning of the Bible, of God, of the various denominations I've been in over my 44 years.  I thought the types of questions I was asking were evidence that my faith wasn't solid, that I should "always be prepared to give an answer" for why I believed what I did. I just finished the recently departed Rachel Held Evans' book Faith Unraveled , previously titled Evolving in Monkey Town .  I identified with her so much, as I know many other readers have for many years. She mentions often being told "God's ways are higher than our ways" when she asked difficult questions.  For me, I think of this verse, which has been used by Christians to dissuade other Christians for choosing to err on the side of

School's Out!

The boys aren't going to summer camp this year as they usually do, so if you have any fun summertime activity ideas, send them my way! This year, the boys' class was divided into two groups: Campfire and S'mores.  While they were in the same 4th-grade class, they are in different groups, so aren't together every hour of the day. Here are some pictures from the awards day.  I can't express how much we love TSD! Yes, Master Comedian fits perfectly He sticks with things until he gets it JUST right! Awesome class with great kids Their teachers are the coolest ever