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Are Riskier People Happier?

Often over the past few weeks, we've been asked, "How's the role-switching working out for you guys?"  I've been totally honest, answering simply, "It stinks.  Big time." Today on the way to work, I was listening to The Jillian Michaels' Show podcast.  The title of the post was "Are Riskier People Happier?"  The title got my attention and I listened to her story about taking a risk on a recent vacation which ended in a horrible sandstorm, unintelligible guides, and 100-degree-plus temperatures.  As horrid as the experience was in the moment, she now recounts the story with fond memories and lots of laughter.  Jillian then referenced the famous quote, " Comedy is tragedy plus time ." That somewhat sums up how I feel about this experience.  For the time being, it's tragedy, but given enough time, it will be comedy.  Right now it stinks, but it won't stink forever. What's been going through my mind lately is "