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Pondering Education

Last night, as I was looking over my university transcript, I was reminded of a few facts about my own university education.  Keeping in mind I made As, Bs and a very occasional C in high school: 1. I failed American Literature my first semester.  Why?  I didn't go to my Tuesday/Thursday classes consistently.  Prior to this, I had never failed a class or even made lower than a C. 2. I nearly failed College Algebra, one of my best subjects.  Why?  Same semester, same reason as #1. 3. The second semester, I aced College Algebra. Attending class makes a difference.  Go figure. That was the pinnacle of my mathematics training, though. 4. I did NOT enjoy, nor did I excel in my history classes.  I consistently made Cs and did just enough work and study to achieve that grade.  Now that I'm teaching my own kids, I LOVE history! But these grades reminded me of how much I loathed it. 5. I also did not excel in sciences.  I made a D in biology, but remember trying to do well. I