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Jellystone Park Hill Country

In Kentucky 2012 A few years ago, on an RV road trip to Louisville, Kentucky for the NAD Conference , we stopped at a Jellystone RV Park in Mammoth Caves and had the time of our lives ! (Except for Ken, who was sick that day.) I was surprised to learn that Texas has several Jellystone Parks, as I hadn't heard of them before our road trip in 2012.  The Brown Family needed a quick getaway.  While we are SO ready to go on a cruise again, we've recently replaced a vehicle and leased a new home, so our savings is sparse.  When we saw the  Living Social  deal for  Jellystone Park Hill Country , we jumped at the opportunity! In Texas 2015 Check-in is at 3pm, but in our usual style, we were running behind our goal to leave Austin by 3:00.  Around 3:30, we got a courtesy call from Jellystone, asking if we were on our way and still planning to be there. They gave us instructions on how to check ourselves in since we would be arriving after their closing time of 5:00. We