Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paper Chase Ends

Whew! *big sigh*

After six months of paper-chasing, the adoption documents are out of our hands.  You may remember that we sent all of our sealed documents, called our dossier, to CCAI (adoption agency) over a month ago, but there were several mistakes we had to resolve.  The biggest mistake was our medical forms being incorrect.  We had a few other delays thanks to Snowpocalypse 2011.  Chinese New Year is coming to a close, therefore documents will begin again flowing in China.

CCAI will have our corrected documents tomorrow and should be able to send them to China next week! That's our prayer and we are trusting it will be so!  I'm still working on ways to add tabs to this site to I can move our prayer request and process pages, but until the, you'll find them by following the links.

Today marked showing #17. We have another showing scheduled for Saturday, then an open house Sunday.  This open house is a "Paint the Town Red" event for other Keller Williams realtors.  It's great exposure for as many realtors as possible to see our house.

Much to pray for and even more to be thankful for.  My heart is linked to China at the moment and thoughts of Tian and Xu fill my head.  They'll fill those places in thought until I can hold them as tight as possible in my arms!  Even thinking about it breaks my heart with both sadness and happiness.

C'mon, FedEx!  Do your work!

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