Saturday, April 23, 2011

Change Is A-Comin'

As time nears for us to travel to get the boys, I'm focusing on being thankful for any quiet or independent moments I have right now.

The Brownies get up and often make their own breakfast.  They all dress themselves, do their chores and take care of their bathroom needs on their own.  When school and chores are over, they go outside to play and I'm in the house alone to clean, do laundry, make dinner, blog, read or even lie down for a few minutes.

Change is a-comin'!

Tonight, a large group of us went out to eat after church.  Even as I sat visiting with some new friends, I had to stop and think, "It's not going to be this easy once the boys are here."  The Brownies sat down at the opposite end of the row of tables with their KODA buddies, ordered for themselves, and entertained themselves while I visited.  I vividly remember when the Brownies were young, feeling like we could never finish a conversation (sometimes a sentence) without a distraction from the kids.  Since I'm with Deaf friends for the most part, once my eyes are on the kids, I'm completely lost from the conversation.
(I understand that hearing people also get distracted with caring for kids, too but at least while you're feeding them, picking up the pacifier from under the table, digging in the diaper bag or whatever, you're still able to talk or listen in on the conversation.)

Am I worried or upset about this upcoming change?  No way!  I know the trade-off and it's totally worth every distraction.  Worth every missed conversation.  Worth every fit thrown in a crowded restaurant.  Worth the loss of naps.  Worth. Every. Minute.

So I'm thanking God for this time of peace before we have a whirlwind of toddler-dom back in our lives and looking forward to having little ones back in the Brown house.

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  1. I'm thankful you are enjoying the Brownies you have already. They are precious kids who will be a great help as you add to your family. They will be giving of themselves from this change but will grow from it. God bless all seven of you.