Friday, April 15, 2011

New Requirements

First of all, we had great news waiting for us in our inbox this morning.  NBC (National Benefits Center within CIS) has approved and sent us our supplement 3.  We had to file a supplement 3 because we changed addresses.  You may remember that we were a bit concerned over this, but decided in faith to just do it.  It's a major relief to know that is done.

With our address change out of the way and a contract moving on the house, our burdens are feeling lighter and we are able to focus more on our upcoming trip!

There are a couple of new requirements related to our adoptive country.  One of those is a required TB test for kids over age 2.  We got word today that EnEn (Travis) was tested and is negative.  A few things cross my mind and touch my heart as I think about the test:

- He had a medical checkup and got a shot and I wasn't there with him.  If I had been with him, I would have held him in my lap while he got his shot.  Did he cry?  If so, I would have, too.  I would have held him close and stroked his hair, rubbed his arm, and given him kisses.  Did anyone do this for him?  Oh, EnEn, your momma and daddy will be there so soon to give you all the love you SO deserve!
- He's being prepared to come home!  The TB test is part of the process he is going through in preparation to come home to his family.

Another new requirement probably won't affect us, but it's a big one for adopting families!  In the past (and until August) adopting families have had to provide to the child's home country, post-adoption updates at 6 months and one year.  At those times, families send in photos and a report on their child.  A new law for our adoptive country requires post-adoption updates at 2, 3, and 5 years of age.  We should travel before this new requirement goes into effect, but I thought I was interesting.

In my heart, June can't get here fast enough.  In reality, it's good we have the time to prepare for our trip. There is still money to raise, items to purchase, and a home to prepare for two toddlers.  Regardless, I'd leave tomorrow if I could!


  1. Thanking God for His for providing what you need when you need it.

  2. Thanking Him also for giving more than we could ever ask or imagine. :)