Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kung Fu, Dragon Boats and Chinese Culture

Red lantern at the DFW Dragon Boat Festival
Around the Brown house, we've been preparing to visit China as well as become a multi-cultural family with Chinese-American sons/brothers.

Part of our preparation includes learning about China, Chinese culture, and Chinese-American culture.  Here are a few fun things we've done in the past couple of months.

DFW Dragon Boat Festival
Visiting China exhibit at Ft. Worth Museum
Planting rice at museum exhibit

Trying Asian foods (and eating with chopsticks for practice)
At the Dragon Boat festival, the kids loved watching the Kung Fu performances.  I had a hard time getting a good picture of it but below is a photo from the Shaloin Temple we plan to visit in one of our sons' provinces.  Henan province is the birthplace of Kung Fu and the Shaolin Temple is the center of that birthplace.  We are looking forward to that visit.

Photo Credit: http://news.cultural-china.com/

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  1. so exciting!! What a great learning experience for the Brownies!