Thursday, May 5, 2011

Latest Alphabet Soup: PA, NBC, NVC & TA

Thank God our PA (provisional approval) came in the mail today.  The easiest way to explain what's left is that we wait for TA, which is travel approval.
In reality, a LOT goes on between those two acronyms.  Curious?  Try to follow.  I've read through it several times and it's still overwhelming.

1. Now that your I-800 is approved, your officer (at USCIS, National Benefits Center, aka NBC) will forward your file to NVC. (Natl. Visa Center), through Fed-ex/UPS 2 days.  Once you receive the approval in the mail, email CCAI a copy.

2. Wait about one week before emailing/calling NVC to check your status. (5/12)

3. NVC will email your Guangzhou #. That means in about 24-48 hrs your file will be "cabled" to the consulate in Guangzhou. Ask them to email you the cable-letter. That's the letter that says your file is "cabled" to the consulate.  (By the 17th?)
After this, your file will be in China and you can't do anything to make it move faster.

4. That cabled-letter will need to be emailed to CCAI. CCAI will send this email to their office in Guangzhou. ONLY after they receive this email with the letter, they could go to the consulate, submit your file, and wait for Article 5. (Art 5 processing time is 10 business days exactly - 2 weeks). (5/31)

5. After your Art 5 is picked up by CCAI rep, they will send it to Beijing to CCCWA and your official wait for TA begins. (On average, it takes 2 - 3 weeks for TA (travel approval). (6/21-28)

6. Once we get TA, we will have a choice of two travel dates.  Normally, people have 2-4 weeks notice, but some are reporting as little as 10 days.  I'll take that!

We really wanted to go earlier in June, but have had a few "glitches" that have pushed us back a  few weeks.  I'll be THRILLED with a June travel date, even if it's late in June. 

Ken and I welcome your prayers as we are in this final stretch.  You can see that there are many steps our file must go through and it's ALL out of our hands.  

While that is going on, we are applying for our visas, beginning to gather items we need for travel, and preparing our home for the arrival of TWO toddlers!  Nothing is baby-proofed here, so it's time to add cabinet locks, outlet covers and stair gates to our home.  I'm also reading all I can about attachment and parenting after adoption.   No wonder it's hard to concentrate on school!


  1. Wow!! That's a lot to go through....prayers will continue to go your way for smooth sailing for this transition for all!

  2. I'm exhausted just reading it and I know this is but a small portion of the process! Prayers for a quick travel date and smooth meetings and adjustments!!

    Lisa J.