Monday, August 1, 2011

Three Days Home

Three days home and we are working on falling into a routine.  It's sometimes surreal to look at the boys and see them here in the house after all this time of waiting.

Night times are very tough.  I have gotten no more than a few hours sleep at a time for the past five days, so I'm ready for a solid 5-6 hours tonight.  The boys did better last night, but still wake up briefly often throughout the night, checking to make sure we are there and crying a bit.

Mornings are good.  The boys are happy and awake, as are the rest of us.  We've developed a morning routine of breakfast, outside play at sunrise, snack, indoor play, lunch, then naps.  Afternoons are tough because the boys want to stay asleep and are fussy when we wake them.  It's too dang hot to go outside (111 today!), so we are making plans to go out somewhere, either Bass Pro Shops or Target.  To help overcome jetlag, we need to get outdoors in the sunshine and also stay active as much as we can.

Tian is very congested and still has a cough he's had since we got him. Hannah seems to have the flu. Could you pray for her to feel better?  Travis has been running a fever today and is beginning to cough as well.  We will get them all to the doctor this week.  While I'm sorry to have some sick kids, I'm thankful they didn't get sick in China.  We can deal with fevers and cough here in the States.

Despite the feelings of illness we're experiencing, we are happy to be home.  The boys are doing so well.  They still don't like being too far or out of sight of any of us.  They are enjoying playing together and with their other siblings.  These days and nights are hard, but as with the entire trip, it's all worth it!


  1. Congratulations and welcome home! Your journey was a highlight for us, especially Lily. Everyday she'd ask if there were more pics and she'd read over my shoulder and we'd look at pictures together. She's said several times she'd like to go to China to visit. Extreme heat, constant staring, overcrowding, crazy traffic...hmmm...sounds a little too much like India to me, so it may take awhile to get there :o)

    Glad you are home safe and sound. We love you all! Darla

  2. We are also glad you're home safe and sound! I know you know this, but "this too shall pass!" (As Ted often says, "Like a kidney stone," LOL!) Remember the days of having a newborn at home? Functioning on little to no sleep at all, but knowing that it was so very worth it! Before you know it the boys will feel as much at home as their older siblings do. :-)