Morning Sickness

While moving into our new place in Coppell, we came across a time capsule we had put together when Hannah was born.  In it was a pregnancy journal I had kept while expecting Hannah.
Overall, I had a easy pregnancy.  My morning sickness was short-lived and very mild.  I had some pain in my hips during my third trimester, but it was minor just like my morning sickness.  My next two pregnancies were equally comfortable.

This adoption "paper pregnancy" is making up for my 3 easy pregnancies.  While I don't experience morning sickness, I'm right now nauseous with anxiety over what lies ahead.  The ups and downs, ins and outs of this process make me cry for joy one second, then cry in discouragement the next.  I'm trusting that this morning sickness will be quickly forgotten, just as it is in physical pregnancy.

First of all, as I reported in the wee hours of the morning, we got LOA, which is major, exciting news. When it arrived via FedEx today, we noticed only Tian's file.  CCAI had told us Friday that CCAA had printer troubles and couldn't print Xu's file at the moment.  Since we heard nothing else until yesterday when our agency let us know our LOA was headed to our door, we assumed (we should know better) that meant LOA for both boys.  It didn't.  When I called our agency, they said we should expect Xu's with the next batch of papers mailed from CCAA.  Who knows when that will be?  Not me. I could ask, but I know the answer...they can't answer.  They can't make promises for something of which they have no control.

Then I got a call from our agency expressing concern over our new address.  In all the busy-ness and emotion of deciding indeed to move, then packing up and moving within the span of 7 days, I didn't call to let our agency know we had moved this weekend.

Now they know and it's no big deal, but it can be a big deal if we move and CIS doesn't know.  Understandable, totally.  Once that was out of the way, the agency talked to me about the delay our change of address could put on our paperwork, thus our travel date.   We had truly believed, after hearing from our CIS agent, that it would not likely cause a delay.  That was the major reason for our decision to go ahead with the move.  But, again understandably, they can't promise anything other than a very long, up-to-11-week process of our supplement 3 (which is our change of address).

So, we almost scrapped the entire move until we heard that it likely wouldn't cause a 2-month delay.  Now we are faced again with "but it could cause a 2-month guarantees."

Will you pray with us and on behalf of us regarding our paperwork? That there will be no delays?  That God will provide the needed funds for the remainder of our adoption, whether that be through the sale of our Dickinson house or through other means?

I'm ready to get off the roller coaster.


  1. Praying for you many times each day.

  2. Guhh. :( Praying right now.

  3. Thanks! Ken called our CIS officer who really put our mind at ease about the timeline. Praying it be no longer than usual.


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