Poop Cookies Part 1

Last week, I downloaded a few new albums.  After trying to listen to Mix 102.9 for a while, I decided it just wasn't worth any of us having that mess in our minds.  And I didn't even understand many of the lyrics we were listening to.

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the lyrics for this week's top 40 in pop music.

#1 Katy Perry Last Friday Night All about getting drunk, acting stupid, being naked, having a threesome and ready to do it again next week. Starts of "There's a stranger in my bed."  Nice.  Number one song.  Wow.
#2 LMFAO: Party Rock Anthem Again, party, drink a lot, lose mind, wanna see a girl naked. Actually one of the tamest of the top 5.
#3 I was sad to read some of the lyrics from "Moves Like Jagger" because that song is so good.  The kids and I love the chorus, the sounds, the beat, and love Adam Levine when he's singing clean music.
#4 and #5 Super Bass by Nicki Minaj and Lighter by Bad Meets Evil (Bruno Mars and Eminem)
These next two on the top 40 include the F-bomb in more than one instance.  I know the songs are "cleaned up" for radio (ha!), but you're fooling yourself if you think kids don't know what's being left out.  Kids also go find the "real" version of the song elsewhere.  I know I did when I was younger.
#6: Give Me Everything by Pitbull. Basically, a song convincing a girl to have sex tonight because 1: you look good 2: the world might end 3: I'm going to drink too much and accidentally slip and fall on top of you.  Hmm...really?  That works, does it?
#7: Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People  Can it be? Nothing about sex, drinking, or being naked?!  Yes!  Oh, but it's about shooting someone?  Honestly, I'm not sure if there is deeper meaning behind this song, but reading the lyrics, it's one guy warning some other guys to run fast because this other dude has a gun and is ready to shoot them.  ??  Maybe I'm under-analyzing.
#8: Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae  Okay, so these lyrics are about equal to my era's "Dancing on the Ceiling."  Not bad.  Think I'll check the video to get more insight into the song meaning as well as the band.  Umm...no.  Okay, next?
#9: Good Life by One Republic  Another one with a bad word, but not overly-offensive to me personally.  Not one I'd want my kids to listen to.  Aside from that, it's just a decent song with no redeeming qualities other than the chorus is very catchy.
#10: I Wanna Go by Britney Spears  Well, what do you expect?  Basically a song about her letting out all of her dirty thoughts and desire for sex.

So, out of the top ten of the top 40 songs, there was ONE that had no mention of either getting wasted or nakedness or sex.  And that one was about a homicidal teenager, so that leaves us at a big, fat ZERO for decent music for my kids and me to rock to when we are in the car.


  1. Such a sad commentary of our times. I am sure Satan is filled with glee.

  2. Ok, so besides knowing what Katy Perry looks like (can't even hum one tune of hers) and knowing who Britney Spears is, I don't even know one other group/person or song on your list. It's true, I only know 80's songs or anything sang by a muppet, a wiggle or an animated character. Living in a different country, there are definitely things about the American culture we miss. And there are some things I'm glad we're missing.

    Love you all! Darla


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