Several weeks ago, my friend Adrienne was perusing the internet and saw a call for nominations for a distinctive mom to win tickets to go see Motherhood the Musical and be named "Mother of Distinction."  She kindly thought of me and sent in a nomination.  I later learned a committee was formed to decide the winner and about 12 nominations were sent in.

Earlier this week, she got a message saying that I had been chosen to receive the award!  I felt quite unworthy receiving such an award, but then I considered the title.  Mother of Distinction. I like that.  I was chosen because our family is certainly distinct.  Some would say weird, different, unique...distinct.  The fact that I'm the mom and wife in my family of distinction makes me a mother of distinction.

Ken works very hard so that I can stay home and teach the kids here.  It was Ken who sparked the events that shifted our family and changed our lives forever...and for the better.  One day, riding in the car, not too long after moving to our awesome home in Highland Village, he asked me, "Is this it?  Is this our purpose?  We're supposed to DO something.  Do MORE.  Not just have a big house and be comfortable and keep chasing after more stuff.  I kinda want to just sell everything and move somewhere we can help other people and do something that makes a difference."

I remember sitting quietly, so proud of his desire, but also silently arguing between myself and God about how it was kind of nice to just be comfortable.  The thought of giving up comfort is terrifying, but it was also exciting.  I had no doubt it was in line with God's heart.  It was about one year later that I suggested adoption and Ken was willing, even knowing the sacrifice.  It took us another year and a half until we found Tian, then Travis, but we did it!  And it was the right time.  Ken is also the one who suggested we downsize.  I was instantly relieved and completely on board, but it was his leadership that got us where we are.

The kids also make me the mom I am.  I love kids and have five because I like my kids!  I like being around them.  The oldest 3 Brownies were instantly excited about us adopting, even to the point of giving up much of their own personal comfort (their own rooms, big house, pool, yard with playground, neighborhood they loved, a booked Disney cruise) for us to do it.  Those are some amazing kiddos.  Not perfect kiddos; imperfect and sometimes pains just like their momma, but certainly kids of distinction.

Then there are two littles.  These boys that we can't imagine ever living without.  American culture, labels them "special needs" "orphans."  But to us, they are two incredible boys with a distinctive past that allowed for us to add them into the Brown family.  Their one true special need was a family and they have that now.

So it's because of the six other members of my family that I was even considered for this award.  And I accept it with honor on their behalf.

Thursday night, several of my girlfriends met me at the show.  Having no clue what to expect, I was surprised to be called up on stage just before the show.  It was a bit embarrassing, but also a hoot! (To be honest, I've never minded getting up on stage in front of people. Good thing they didn't hand me a microphone!)

The night was truly a special night for several reasons.  I got treated to a musical, which I happen to love.   It was the boys' first time with a babysitter (and the Big Brownies, of course).  Several of my girlfriends were able to spend the evening with me.  How fun is that?

The show itself, Motherhood the Musical was wonderful! I must admit, as someone who grew up going to Broadway musicals done by professional touring groups, I was prepared for a so-so show and lots of cheese.  I was totally wrong to be cynical!  The show is excellent!  It's a must-see for ANY mother and maybe even some husbands.  It speaks so honestly to many major issues moms face.  We cracked up, clapped, and cried our way through the show.  Every friend I took was equally complimentary of the show.

The actresses were phenomenal, namely Jill Hall, who could pass as Gilda Radner and Kahreema Khouri, who has a voice that all of America should be hearing.  Kahreema's performance of "Every Other Weekend" brought me to serious tears.  "Not Gonna Take It Anymore" had me rockin' it out in my seat and the entire audience clapping along.  "Costco Queen" was another hilarious favorite among my friends.

If you're in the Dallas area and you're a mom, go see this show before October 9!  My friends and I have $8-off coupons we'll share!


  1. Congratulations - you certainly are deserving of your award. I haven't met your parents, nor have I met you, but I've known of you through your parents on Facebook and our Cruise Critic connections. You are to be commended for all you've done for your family (homeschooling is not easy!), downsizing as you have, sacrificing to the bitter end, and taking those two beautiful little gifts from God into your home and heart. You are setting such a wonderful example for your children to follow. I'm sure they don't realize how fortunate they are to have you as a Mom.
    ger_77 on Cruise Critic,

  2. Thanks, Gerry, for your kind words. We feel fortunate to have been able to bring these boys home! They are a huge blessing to our family. :)


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