First Dentist Visit

The boys did fabulously today at the dentist. I'll let the photos tell the story.
The boys have come here twice before for siblings' appointments.
The train is always a hit!
Already opening wide!

See your clean, shiny teeth?

Tian brushes the doggie's (or is it a kangaroo?) teeth! (This would have terrified Travis!)

Cool in his shades.

She said, "I wish they were all this good!"


  1. I think we need to go up there for our next dentist visit! Last time I took my kiddo he was freaked out so much he still talks about it!

  2. Wow! What a trooper! He seemed fearless in facing the dentist. It's always nice to have a kind dentist when kids are around, don't you think?

  3. How courageous of your boy to visit his dentist. He even looked confident with his shades on, LOL. I wish all kids cooperate wholeheartedly like that so dentists won't have a hard time dealing with them.

  4. That train is so cool! Heheh, that's a nice first impression of the dentist's office. Something to help children relax before the big appointment, eh? Everything seems to have been a success too.

    Delfina Schrecongost

  5. Looks like fun. You are not allowed to have fun at a dentist. I like all the props they use to get the kids to feel comfortable and I love the train station idea.


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