Day Six: NAD 2012 Opening Ceremonies

We had a nice, slow morning.  Ken took the van to work, so the kids and stayed "home."  Because of some rain storms last night, the morning was relatively cool.  TJ, Kenzie, Tian, Travis and I went over to the playground, just a hundred steps away, to slide, teeter-totter, swing, and merry-go-round.  I love the playground here.  It's clean, well-kept, and all old-fashioned metal play equipment like I grew up with.  The slide is high, fast and fun!

The kids enjoyed their Lunchables (a rare treat for them).  When Ken got home around noon, Kenzie, TJ and I decided to try out the KOA showers.  They were clean, nice and safe.  They are single showers, each with a locked door.   When you go in, you can latch the door locked from the inside.  It felt good to shower and not have to worry about running out of warm water.

After hanging out and relaxing for a while, we packed into the van and drove to Slugger Stadium.  We got to see Sean Forbes preform a few songs, which was a real treat!  We enjoyed an all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner.  My portabello mushroom burger was delish!

The older three Brownies enjoyed watching their first baseball game.  TJ moved close to the Bats when they were warming up.  One of the players approached TJ and gave him a baseball!

After the game was into the 3rd inning, a young hearing woman approached us, asking if our boys were the ones on You Tube.  It was fun to visit with her.  Shortly after, a couple of Deaf college students came down to meet the boys.  They, too, recognized them from YouTube.   These girls were Korean and so excited to see the boys.  They invited the boys to be a part of the National Asian Deaf Congress when they get older.  I like that the boys get to meet many Deaf role models.  It's amazing to feel so much love and support from the community.  The Deaf community truly cares about these boys; it's heartwarming to witness. (More photos here)


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