That Was Weird

In the land of The Internets and the more all of our internet usage is linked together, I'm more and more amazed at how businesses work their ads in place in front of our faces.

That said, I just ordered two Shutterfly photo books for the boys.  When I ordered, the album somehow linked to my blog.  I'm sure it was user error and I overlooked some checked box saying it would post, but I was surprised to see the album listed as its own blog post.  A post I promptly removed.

That said, this was my first experience using Shutterfly and I loved it!  One book was free with our Cozi family calendar membership (Which I highly recommend. They may still be running the promotion for a free book, but I'm not sure.)  The second book was free thanks to a promotion though The View.  It's still good through September 20th, so click and save the code, then get busy making your book! You have a month to put it together!

I chose a basic "look" with the pages already set for me.  I didn't choose to auto-place the photos, but it was beyond easy to click and drag photos into place.  Uploading my photos from my drive and simply grabbings photos from Picasa was also quick and simple.

At one point, I had some technical problems.  I choose to use LiveChat help on the website.  Working with the representative, we fixed the problem in minutes.  Bonus: No phone tree!  As someone who processes tech support calls for hour, I appreciate the option to just live chat on the computer.

I'm excited about the boys' books.  They are their first Lifebooks, chronicling as much as we know and even some speculation (which we stated as speculation...we didn't just make up stuff and state it as fact) about their first 2 and 3 years.

I'll post more about their books when we get them, which should be this week!


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