Last week, Master ASL! posted a fun video teaching the signs of various popular superheroes.  Their staff member, Travis, did an amazing job. I couldn't wait to show the boys, and, sure enough, the loved it!   (If you haven't seen it, it's imbedded below.)

Yesterday, a second installment was posted and was equally fun to see.  This video included two of my Travis' favorite superheroes: Power Rangers and Iron Man.  Click the video at the bottom of the blog to view Part 2.

My Travis gets very excited, animated, and "talkative" when the topic is one of his favorite superheroes.  (This excited his parents because his expressive language is what is lagging right now.) Over the past two years, he has made up his own signs for these characters; I'm always impressed with what he creates.  Watching Master ASL's Travis sign "Power Rangers" and seeing him talk about how he, too, loved them when he was younger, made me think of Travis and why he chose to sign "using sword" for "Power Rangers."  The sign shown in the video makes sense for the older Power Rangers shows, when they used the handheld communicators, but the newer Power Rangers are Samurai, therefore are always carrying swords.

What Travis signs for "Iron Man" is very similar to what was on the video.  As for Captain America, Travis' "A on the forehead" makes sense, although he would change it if we taught him "Captain America."

Before I showed Travis the second video, I asked him to show me his signs for a few of his favorites:

Deaf kids liking superheroes makes sense.  They are overly-expressive, active, colorful, and visually stimulating.  No wonder these videos from Master ASL! are so popular.   Once you view these, don't stop with the superhero videos; be sure to check out all of their teaching videos for a fun way to learn ASL.

Part 1

Post by Master ASL!

Part 2


  1. I wouldn't normally do this - I just found your blog, but seeing your boys made me think of a boy that is on RR right now. I don't know if you've seen him or not...

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