Celebrating Lunar New Year 2021


On a red background, a 3D image of a golden bull, encircled by gold and surrounded by 3D pink flowers and neon blue clouds. Text in English and Chinese: Happy Chinese New Year 2021

Just before the storm blew in, we celebrated Lunar New Year.  The plan had been to have some extended family join us, but once we knew the weather was going to be a problem, we shifted gears and made it a celebration for the 6 of us in the house. 

I'm typically a procrastinator but was so proud of how well I had prepared for this celebration.  I had ordered food a week in advance.  We weren't able to reduce or cancel or food orders but were happy to support these businesses and ended up eating almost all of it over the next few days anyway! It was so good! I'll let the pics do the talking.

Red "lanterns" and cutouts

Papercut-looking designs

Traditional Chinese banners wishing prosperity and health on the home and people in it.

Plow Bao serves delicious plant-based dim sum, bow, etc. We ordered 2 of their sweetboxes.

 "egg" tarts, mini sesame seed balls, mochi, and donuts

Next, we picked up dim sum from Shanghai.

The food was delicious! I want to go back when we can go inside.  My favorites were the fried pork puff, har gow (shrimp dumpling), and shrimp shumai. We also ordered BBQ pork bun, Pork Shumai, dumplings, egg rolls, orange chicken, and fried rice.   It was all fantastic and unbeknownst to us, eating this for 2 entire days conserved the other less perishable food we would need over the next week! 

Travis' love language is good food. He definitely felt love. He had spent the week leading up to our celebration asking about "Chinese New Year" and telling us he was so happy we were celebrating. I hope we can celebrate with the Asian community next year.

The kids were surprised with happy money (hongbao) and some of their favorite treats.


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