Just got an email from our agency with this in the subject line:
Congratulations--Dossier to China!
Our Dossier should arrive in 3-5 business days, then we have more wait (up to 8 weeks) to receive our LID (log in date).
Once we get LID, we have more waiting before we get travel approval, but I won't think about THAT right now.
Right now, I'm going to focus on hitting this major milestone DTC!  Wanna do the happy dance with me?


  1. i do! i do! oh my gosh, i remember every single step thru that process. i BAWLED the day we got ta. absolutely bawled. could barely get the words out to brent over the phone that we were finally CHINA BOUND! after so...much...waiting! i feel it, babe. every step, every word. :) HUGE ACHIEVEMENT!!!! dtc and that much closer to your boys!!! :) now join that ccai waiting child group so i can unsubscribe!!!! :)

  2. Yay! I have a dance partner! I cried, too. Glad I'm not alone. Oh, and I am on CCAI group now.

  3. Awesome news!! I missed this until now!!!


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