Video of Tian

It's a long story I'll share later, but, through God's grace I have a video of Tian!
Taken this summer, soon after he was placed in foster care. He and his foster mom went in to the SWI for a visit.
Needless to say, I've watched it 50 times and plan to watch it again and again.  That's our son!


  1. What a gift (the video and your son!). We received a video while we waited for our son, I know how you are feeling! :) He's a delight!

  2. Oh Sarah !! He is SOOO precious ! He obviously is enjoying entertaining himself - loved the video !

  3. SOOO precious is right! Reminds me of a sweet picture we have of Kenna touching her reflection in the mirror. He looks so happy and healthy! I know you can't wait to snuggle him up yourself!!

  4. He is absolutely adorable! What a blessing to have this glimpse at his sweet personality!
    ~Chris in Colorado

  5. So cute! congratulations! I remember how excited I was to find the group on Yahoo, and then photos of my son in his orphanage in Jiaozuo on the internet. All I had before that was two tiny photos that were 4-6 months old. And yes, no smiles in my photos either, so when someone said "oh, saw him dropping candies off a balcony last week and he was all dimples!" it was so exciting! Anyways, Tian looks healthy and bright! :D How exciting, two new boys for your family! And with a deaf dad too and siblings used to signing I imagine. How great!

  6. Yea, Yea and more Yea!!!! What a stinking cutie! So excited for y'all.

    I'll join the bandwagon and say I remember a surprise video of River (all 10 seconds of it). Such a great feeling. And after receiving one particular set of photos we got of Truett, I called the agency and told them they sent me the wrong ones. Well, I was wrong--just didn't recognize him with a shaved head. It's really hard to "recognize" your kiddo when you've only got a couple of images to compare to :)


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