This blog post is written directly to my friends, family, and anyone who has commented on my blog or YouTube account this year.

I'm not ignoring you! 
*smiling and cringing in apology*  

Well, I haven't been ignoring you, but I have been putting off replying to many of you.  Whether I've gotten emails, facebook messages, or texts, I've just had a tough time replying in a timely manner.  This has been a challenging summer to say the least, but I would say my busy-ness started months before that.

I have several friends from my boys' classes with whom I've been talking about playdates for months, but they just aren't happening.  When I finally do get together with someone, it's because they were persistent in contacting me.  For you I'm grateful!  It's ironic, because in the past, I was told on several occasions that I was the friend always reaching out.  Years ago, I even remember having friends with kids about the same age as my older ones are now, who never seemed to say "yes" when we wanted to get together, but then they would say they really wanted to hang out.  Now the tables are turned.  With Ken working full-time on his/our business(es), the kids doing school all day, me teaching all day and working 20+ hours per week, we don't have much time left over.  Weekends are full with church and my working at the call center.   Weekdays, the boys are in school 7 hours while the older kids and I homeschool about 5 hours.  Add to that chores, mealtimes, playtime outside with neighborhood friends, bedtime routines, grocery shopping, and some downtime (yes, that actually happens!), and we don't have a lot of time left to block for other activities.  With my work schedule and the boys in school all day, I prefer to be home with them on the evenings I don't work.  Ken and I have been missing out on time with each other, so making time for others has taken a back-burner.   Our schedule is something we have put at the top of our to-do list, but it keeps getting bumped back for more "urgent" things.

What I can tell my friends and family is that this is a season.  It's a season that we've had to focus almost all of our non-working time inward on our household.  I have no shame nor apologies for that, but do miss time with friends and wanted any of you asking, "Is is just me?" to know that the answer is, "No!"  (That sounds like a bad breakup line: It's not you. It's me.) My own sister, with whom I speak on the phone for at least 3 times per week, recently posted, in jest, on my facebook that she wondered where I was and what happened to me.  We live 15 minutes from each other and have seen each other about 3 times since the beginning of summer.

This post has been in my drafts for months now. In line with this theme, I've been off social media since September 1st.  I logged in to facebook long enough to post this link, but will remain on break for now. My break from facebook and Instagram is open-ended, although I figure I'll jump back on the wagon within the next couple of weeks or so.  With the kids' school starting September 2nd, I needed to focus all my "free" time on either schooling them or preparing to do so.  I needed more time to be quiet in my own mind so I could seek and hear from God.

In the meantime, facebook friends can reach me via email or phone.  (I answer texts much more often than I answer the phone.)

See you soon!

(Next blog post will be about homeschool and how I'm  having to adjust to being a mom of a government-schooled kindergartener.)


  1. I understand! :) I only have a two year old at home, but stil having 4 older kids takes a-lot of time and commitment too with encouraging my daughter who is at Texas State to hang in there and give it, "ONE MORE WEEK", to trying to get my oldest boys (23, and 20) just to answer their phones or reply to a text and remember that they have a mom that still sees them as the day they were born and misses them. Along with my 15 year old son who is well in to football season and expects, and wants a visit from least for all the home games, means I keep the roads hot between here and Tomball (Houston). Lastly the little guy at home is the busiest of all and I am almost 44 (9/17) and at times I would rather sleep than play. The fact that I can reply to your blog is amazing. :) I know we aren't great friends, yet, but I hear you about family and hubs coming first. Everything is in seasons and there will come a time when friends, maybe even new ones(wink), will get a regular visit and play date again. Trust me, I have lived two lives! are in the family first, I work too, hubs needs attention as well time of your life. Enjoy!

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  3. A friend and I just talked about this. She has 5 kids and she said basically, there is never a "good" time to talk on the phone because she's busy from the minute she gets out of bed until her head hits the pillow. I only have 3 children, but with homeschool, taking care of our home, cooking meals, being a wife, plus all the additional time it takes me to do daily tasks ie power might be out, out of water, no microwave, no packaged anything (food wise), I truly understand not having a single moment left. I do read your blog and love keeping up that way. And I hope our updates, either email or snail mail, keep you in the loop to know we haven't forgotten you. And I did enjoy our playdates when we were able to have them all those years ago in Las Vegas. They are sweet memories for me. Love, Darla

    1. Oh, Darla! I was just thinking of you last week! Look at this, but it might make your heart ache like it does mine.
      I'll send you an email today. Love you and can't wait until we meet again.


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