School Year Kick-Off 2013

We kicked off our 2013-2014 school year by sending off the boys to TSD the last week of August.
Tian is now in pre-k and Travis has started Kindergarten!  They both have excellent teachers, so we couldn't be more pleased.

I have a bit of a learning curve to get through this year. I've never had a child in government-run grade school.  Now that Travis is in Kindergarten, he has homework he brings home every night. The idea of having him do assigned homework after he's been in school for seven hours goes totally against my personal teaching philosophy, so the second week of school, when the homework began, I struggled with my own attitude regarding his homework.

In the midst of my exasperating about it to Ken and silently to myself, I realized I wasn't being a good example to my kids.  How can I expect them to work diligently and with a good attitude, even when they don't like what I'm asking of them, if I don't model that myself?  So, I look at the homework as more "special time" with Travis.  Ken has been doing a lot of the homework with him, too, so that's precious time they have together.  Travis mostly does homework in the mornings.  When he gets home from 7 hours at school, I don't blame him for not wanting to do more school work. It usually only takes minutes and I've seen how he really needs to work on building up his attention span.  I don't expect too much of an attention span out of a 5 year-old boy, but this one won't even keep eye contact for 5 entire seconds most of the time!  Homework has now become a time to focus on learning how to pay attention.

What has been fun about his homework is to see how he does most of the assignments with ease.  Last night, he had to match capital letters with the lower case partner. He zoomed right through it.  Then he matched numbers with a picture and the word for that number.  Again, I was delighted at how quickly he could do it on his own.  He's come a long way in 2 years!

The attention-span problem creeps up when we read a book.  He wants to look at other things; look at one page, then move on. Tian on the other hand, asks if HE can do homework.  He would read books and answer questions for 20 minutes and still might ask for more.

They've both had a good start to the year!


  1. I have some important questions to ask you regarding school for your boys, My daughter is attending a school for the deaf here in Hawaii, and has been having bruises after bruises each week since school started. In places not average for preschool play...teachers blame, her being rough. If You have time to email me I'd really like to get your opinion on whether or not deaf students are on average more rough then other children their thats what they are also saying...Its confusing...Love seeing all your blog posts and twitter!

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