Tian Update Ending 2013

My two girls are off visiting their Nana and Pappy, so since they are away and the little boys are still in school, I made some plans to spend one-on-one time with my oldest boy.

Then we got the call from TSD:  "Tian has a 102 fever and needs to be picked up."  So, TJ and I took a one-on-one drive to the school to get a very sleepy and very hot Tian.

Having Tian home prompted me to post a quick update about this little comedian. He reminds me of TJ at the same age.  Tian is a natural ham who loves to be the center of attention.  He is not shy in the least!  He'll approach people, ask questions, and mostly assumes everyone in the universe knows sign language.

For example, at the Christmas parade downtown, a parade photographer walked by and asked if she could take our picture. After taking a shot of the two little boys and me, Tian tapped her on the arm and asked, "Take another picture of me. I'm Spiderman."  He then proceeded to pose in a number of "Spidey" poses while the photographer clicked away.

For some reason, the videos aren't playing. I'll work on fixing it later.

Tian's ghost story. Scrub through to the very end. That's my hammy boy.

Tian is super curious. His favorite question is, "Why?"  A simple answer won't satisfy this boy.  He'll keep asking and asking until he shows his approval with an, "Oh-I-see."  See in the video below how Tian plays with Santa's hair and hat while Travis shares his list.

Raw video of the Santa visit.
From December 2013

Tian loves to talk about China.  He enjoys looking at this lifebook and has begun to tell us more and more about the photos.  We have no idea how much of the information is accurate, but it's fun regardless.  A month ago, we were looking though his photos when he said, "That's when I was a baby. I was *this* little, then I grew in your belly."  I said, "You were that small and you did grow in your birth-mom's belly, but not mine.  Remember, I didn't meet you until here (pointing to a photo of Gotcha Day.)  I wondered if he would be sad, or quiet, or thoughtful.  Nope.  He instantly said, "Yuh, huh. Yes, I did. You wrong."  I told him matter-of-factly that his China mom gave birth to him, then we met him later.  He looked over the photos again, then gave me the accepting "Oh-I-see."

Tian, talking to his class.
Tian is truly growing up bilingual.  He's the first of all our children who has grown both languages at equal speed.  Both his English and ASL are progressing at amazing rates.  He visits with us about anything and everything at this point.

Tian likes to make things and draw pictures for other people.  The other day, he brought paper to me and asked me to help him "make it become a present" for his sisters for their birthdays. 

Tian would rather drink milk than eat, but he does love bacon, various meats, all kinds of fruits and very few vegetables or grains other than crackers.  When he's sick or having sinus problems (which are frequent with him), he says, "I can't drink milk now. It will make me sick."  Knowing how much he loves milk, I'm thinking milk might actually make him feel sick or more stuffy.  He's a bright kid to recognize that.

Currently, Tian's favorite games are Just Dance, Plants vs. Zombies, and Flight Control.  His favorite TV shows are Animal Mechanicals and My Little Pony, but he doesn't mind watching Avengers and Power Rangers with his brother.

Tian is a pro at whining when he doesn't get his way and overreacting when one of his siblings "hurts" him.  What else would you expect from the baby of the family?

Tian is a total joy to be around.  He makes people smile everywhere we go. It's a privilege to be his mommy!


  1. Please fix the videos, your family is awesome and your kids are so cute!


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