Vacation Travel Must-Haves
Other than the obvious: travel documents, sunscreen, tickets and reservation numbers, there are some things we've learned we can't live without while traveling.

Safety Tats
This year, we are using these Safety Tats on our trip.  Mostly when we are inside the parks or at various ports of call, we want the boys to have an easy way to share our phone number in the event they are separated from us. When our older kids were young, my sister made ID cards with our contact information for the kids to wear on a clip, like a name tag.  These tattoos are a brilliant, less intrustive alternative! We don't have to worry that other adults won't understand the boys.  If they are upset or crying, all they have to do is hold out their arm. These are customizable, so we can add, "I sign!" or "I use ASL" in addition to a phone number. We hope these won't ever be needed, but why not be prepared when these are so easy use?  I'll give you all a thorough review after the boys have worn them for two weeks!

Hanging with pipe cleaners instead of hooks
Bath Items Organizer
We purchased this item years and years ago and it's been invaluable on our trips.  Whether you're staying in a hotel, RV, or ship stateroom, a hanging organizer allows you to keep at hand all of your health and beauty items in a small space.  I prefer the half-door size because it fits tight places and is easier to carry around.  I've also found that shoe organizers cost less than a "toiletry organizer" even though they are basically the same thing.  Clear pockets are ideal so you can see all of your items easily.  

Over-the-door organizer
Be sure to take some pipe cleaners along with you so you can hang the organizer on a towel rack or hook. Many hotels (and definately Disney Cruise Lines) do not allow the hooks to hang over the door due to damage it causes.  This link shares photos of a ton of great portable organizing tools for your trips or day-to-day use. 
Multi-USB Outlet
5/7 of our family have iPhones. TJ also has a GoPro and Hannah has her DSLR camera. The boys have iPads for long car rides.  Ship staterooms (and some hotel rooms) have very few outlets, so be prepared with a multi-USB outlet like this one.  Disney Cruise Lines have prohibited extension cord outlets since our last cruise, but these USB outlets are allowed.  It will be a life-saver and peace-keeper for our evening charging needs!  Don't forget your charging cables!

As the trip draws closer, I'll post our actual packing list. After the trip, I'll share things I wish we had taken with us! The next blogpost will address one more must-have: Google Maps!


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