Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chinese Orphans with Bieber Fever

I was tickled to see this video posted on one of ShowHope's blogs.  My oldest daughter and I had just seen the Justin Bieber movie, "Never Say Never: The Director's Fan Cut 3D" on Saturday, so Bieber fever was running pretty high over here at the Brown house.  Chinese orphan fever has been running high for the past 7+ months.  Put the two together and you have fireworks!!

We had never been a real fan of JB's until we saw the movie.  The kids and I had heard a couple of his songs (how can you be alive in the US and NOT at least know of him?), but we opted not to download his CDs because almost every song is about infatuation and puppy love disguised at true love.   I thought, and still believe, he's way too young to have a clue about love, but also knew I could lighten up a little.

JB is a true prodigy, which I never understood until watching the movie.    I had just assumed he was another cookie-cutter Disney/Nickelodeon machine kid with average talent, but I was wrong.  I even bought 5 of his songs that now reside happily on my iPhone.

One thing's for sure, no matter how you feel about the Biebs.  His songs are catchy!  This truth is evidenced here as Chinese kids living at Show Hope's Maria's Big House of Hope in Henan Province sing along with "Baby".  It's a stereotype that Chinese people love karaoke, but it's a true stereotype from all I'm reading about China.  Looks to me like it's in the blood.  I'd probably not do as well on the rap sequence of this song.

And, no, I'm not going to become like this about Justin Bieber...maybe.


  1. oh blek! i do NOT like justin bieber!!!!!!!!!! :O guess i'm lucky my girls are still into barbie and disney princesses! :)

  2. The little guy is so cute! Glozelle is hilarious!