Monday, June 27, 2011

China Geography 101

Okay, so you're not going to get a lesson in total China geography, but I will show you where we will be traveling through the month of July.

July 4-9: Once we leave the US, we will fly into Bejing (red) and stay a few days.  We plan to see the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and some other points of intrest. We will meet up with our travel group here.

July 10-15: Next stop, Zhengzhou, Henan (blue) to get Tian!

July 16-22: South to Fuzhou, Fujian (orange) to get Travis!

July 23-27: To Guangzhou, Guangdong to visit the US Consulate.

July 28: Fly to the US via Shanghai!

As a side note, it was pointed out that it's typhoon season in the Philippine Sea, but where we will be, it's no more dangerous than living in the tornado alleys of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, where I've lived 81% of my life and never been affected worse than having to seek shelter a few times.  There is good weather forecasting and we aren't anticipating any problems.  Fuzhou is the closest to the coast, but the other cities we will visit are  far inland or protected by other land, so are not a high risk.  We did read that sometimes flights are delayed out of Guangzhou if there is a storm, but the same thing could happen at DFW if a thunderstorm rolls in. 
As a good friend of ours (who was reprimanded by some friends and family for moving his young family to India) wisely said, "We are safer obeying God in [China] than we are disobeying God in the US."  And as Matt Chandler biblically stated over the past 3 weeks, "No one dies early."  With those two things in our hearts, we aren't worried at all about our trip.  We can't wait for the adventure of visiting a country on the opposite side of the globe!"  We can't believe it's finally time to go to China!

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