Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adoption Day: Tian Wendell Brown

It's adoption day!  Exactly one year ago today, we saw Tian's photo for the first time.
I sent this email to Ken:
Today, July 12, 2011, here is little Tian Wendell Brown!

It's been a long year in almost every way.  This year has challenged us to trust God.  It's tried our patience and stretched our willingness to let go of "things" for what's truly valuable.  Looking at this photo, I can't think of anything worth more.

We love you, Tian Wendell Brown!


  1. Nana and Pappy also love him and are eager to be with him. What a beautiful day for the whole family.

  2. How awesome is that--the one year anniversary! Wonderful picture...you look very happy. :-) God bless you all!