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Day 17: Travel to Guangzhou

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You know how you feel when you accidentally found out you made a wrong turn or you passed your exit?  I don't know about you, but I always feel restless and in a major hurry to "catch up" until I finally reach the place where I got turned around.  Once I'm back on my correct path, I feel more relaxed.

That is exactly how I felt flying to Guangzhou yesterday!  The goal of our trip has been to adopt Tian and Travis.  Once Travis was adopted, I felt like I had gone past my exit and was now anxious to get back on the right path.

Our final day in Fuzhou was so hot, humid and oppressive that we stayed in all day long.  The older 3 kids and I killed some time bowling a couple of games while the little boys napped.  Otherwise, our day was spent packing and watching the ticking clock.

I can't express how thankful I am to God for answering our travel prayers once again.  I can TELL you all are praying for us.  Yesterday, the 40-minute van ride to the airport, the trek through security, the 2-hour wait for our plane to leave, the hour-and-a-half flight were all uneventful, fun and even restful.

After making our way through security, we headed downstairs to our gate.  The entire area was virtually empty!  Ahh!  Some quiet time with no stares was just what we needed for those two hours.  We were at floor level with floor-to-ceiling windows, so got to watch the bustling activity going on outside.

Tian did so well, keeping a good attitude just about all day.  That boy is already testing me, I'm telling you!  He's smart AND ornery, just like a 2-year-old should be.  The older kids were great keeping him active, which is exactly what he likes.

Travis preferred staying in his stroller the majority of the day.  I think he feels safe there, because he'll crawl in the stroller even when we are in our hotel room and just sit there to watch TV.  He was in heaven sitting at that big picture window! (Don't forget to check out the photos!)  He would get SO excited when he saw an airplane take off.  He signed "airplane" more times than we can count.  People on bicycles also were going back and forth in front of the window.  When they passed, I signed "bicycle."  It only took two times, then the third bike that came by, Travis pointed, got his daddy's attention, and signed perfectly "bicycle."

I have to confess something, but it makes a good story, so I'll expose my own ugliness here.  When we were queuing up to board the bus that took us out to the tarmac to board the plane.  (That was fun. We haven't boarded a plane from the ground in a long time. I was glad the boys got to really SEE that we were boarding an airplane.)  While in line, we were getting pushed out quickly, as usual, because we aren't as aggressive as the local travelers.  I made a snide comment to Ken about how it's really "every man for himself" here and that most people seem to have no regard for others.  Here we were with 2 little boys (one asleep in my very weary arms) and people were still nudging in line ahead of us.

Minutes later, a kind gentleman motioned for us to go on ahead of him.  Then, when I got on the crowded-with-only-4-seats bus, an elderly man quickly got up and gave me his seat (remember, I was holding a sleeping Tian).  I signed something to Ken that I have to think how to translate into English.  Guess I could say "eating crow" or "eating my words."  Those two gentlemen showed me it's just like in the USA. While many can me rude and selfish, most are kind and generous.  Seriously, the Chinese people have been nothing but kind to us on our entire trip.  Managing crowds is just something WE as Americans would have to learn to do here.

On the flight, Travis fell straight to sleep.  Tian woke up and stayed awake through the entire flight.  I'm glad, because it gave me a chance to see how he would do on an airplane.  Other than wanting to walk the aisles at one point, he was happy to sit in his seat, my or Hannah's laps, eat his snacks and look out the window.  (We won't talk about the boy behind us who put his feet up on our seat, around our seat, then threw up as we were landing.  Fortunately, we only had to hear it.)

A sweet Chinese man who spoke English sat next to TJ and visited with him and Mackenzie during the flight.

We landed and were picked up by a driver to head to the Victory Hotel, arriving at 11pm.  We LOVE it!  It's our favorite yet, but that's because we got a suite.  Ken and I have a bedroom, 2 bathrooms and a living room.  The kids have a standard room across the hall.  It's nice to have some space for our last week here.

Tian, Travis, Kenzie and I went straight to sleep. The others got a bite to eat here in the hotel before turning in for the night.

Getting our internet service worked out took a little time, so I'm a day behind on my blogs.  Thanks for all of your kind words and messages.  I read every single one, usually more than once.  It helps me feel close to home.  Love you all! --Sarah


  1. Did you actually use the word "fun" when describing air travel with five children??? Girl, that is confirmation that the Lord is your tour guide on this trip!
    (((hugs))) and prayers,

  2. And you used the word "restful"! God is indeed good! So glad it went well for you all. Continuing to pray....

    Roxanne Weiss

  3. I love your description of Tian -- you can see the oneriness just oozing out of him even in pics! Reminds me of my second son. No matter what he's doing, he's going to find some way to have a good time! ;)

    Travis just looks so sweet and thoughtful. Maybe a sensitive and deep thinker? I know they'll each have some of these qualities but what fun getting to "know" them a little through your blog. Looks like you have been blessed with two great little guys!

    So glad God is faithful and your travels and transitions seem to be mostly smooth! Yea!

    Love to all seven Brownies!

    Lisa J.

  4. Again, a day of blessings. I know the time in Guangzhou will continue to be restful and enjoyable for you. So cool that you have a suite. A great way to end this month of traveling.
    You are always on my heart and in my prayers.

  5. Yeah! So glad you made it safely to Guangzhou. I hope you are loving it and the heat is not too bad. You didn't get the Japanese suite did you? That is the one we had with the wood floors in the bedroom and the bed on the floor. Our biggest complaint about the Victory was that the French artwork offended our daughter Emma. Praying that you enjoy the time there and are not too homesick.

  6. Yes, it's amazing how nice the trip was. Thanks, you all, for your comments. They make me feel connected to home. Tammy, we really like Guangzhou. It's beautiful! We just went to the park there behind Lucy's. I could stay there all day and just watch the elderly people. They make me happy.

  7. Oh, and if you time it right, there is a school next to the Victory and they do morning exercises out in the square/sidewalks in front of the school. They march out like soldiers, which is a little Mao-ish. I wish I could remember what time it was when we saw them do it one morning, but it was really cool to watch.

  8. Tammy, upon your recommendation, we are going to the safari day after tomorrow. We skipped all the tours. All of them! And have no regrets! We'll go across the bridge and take some photos this afternoon!


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