Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In the Air

 Wow! We are already on Day Two of our journey.

It's 2:30am in Dallas as I type this. (3:30pm in Beijing.  I'll stop keeping US time once we land.)  We've been in the air for 4 1/2 hours.  Only 8 hours to go.

Our plane took off about half an hour late while the door to the cockpit was being fixed.  The time truly passed quickly, though, and we were in the air in no time.  We were even treated to quite the display of fireworks during takeoff.  Much less spectacular from up in the air, but beautiful still.  Helped us feel celebratory for Independence Day.

AA served some fabulous food, but I didn't eat much of anything simply because of my nerves.  Evidently, "summer storms" as one or our attendants, Annie, put it, are common this time of year.  We had consistent bumpiness during our first 3 hours.  I'm talking water-sloshing-out-of-the-glass-bumpiness.  I was amazed to see the attendants still walk around like busy bees, serving everyone.  Only once during that three hours did the pilot order them to their jump seats.

The Brownies have been sleeping for about an hour and a half now.  Ken and I are sleeping for small stretches at a time.  When I wake up, I start imagining being in China, meeting the boys, being a family of seven, what communication is going to look like for us these first few weeks, flying home, etc.  Even now that the turbulance has subsided and the flight is smooth, my stomach is still in knots!  (I even passed up a hot fudge sundae, people!

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  1. I am so excited for you guys! Even if the flight home is hard, the Lord will get you through it and it is one day, so don't worry. Have an awesome, awesome time in Beijing sight-seeing! I am a little jealous because we only had one full day there this time. Are you at the Jianguo Garden Hotel or somewhere else?
    Praying for you!