Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tian's First 24 Hours

What an amazing day! It was everything I could have imagined and more.

I'll have to blog in more detail about it later. (I've recorded notes so I won't forget.)  For now, I'll answer some of the questions I know you're curious about.

Tian didn't cry once during our first 24 hours together.  We think he was a bit in shock, as you can imagine.  When he was brought up the steps and into the office, he was very shy, covering half of his face with the back of his hand.  I was sure he would start crying, but he didn't.  He sat right in my lap and just stared back at the sea of faces looking at him.  Within minutes, he was holding his Hot Wheels car and eating some snacks.

On the bus ride home, TJ made him giggle by playing hide-and-seek.

He hasn't seemed to pick a favorite.  Right now, he likes all of us. He does look for me when he's fussy. Today, when Ken and Kenzie left the room to get lunch, he pointed at the door and cried.

He does seem to hear at least some things.  He heard the phone ring and the kids knocking on the door.  He doesn't seem to hear the door bell or us talking when we aren't right next to him.  He says two or three words in Chinese.  I hope to find out what those words are later today.  He may talk more after he's with us longer.

He's already signing!!  We taught him how to ask for more food.  Today, he's signing "more eat" and it's SO cute!  Yesterday, Ken sat down with Tian and a picture book.  Tian copied every sign Ken showed him: airplane, rocket, mouse, lion, cow, etc.  It was precious!  Today, he has signed "potty" ("P" on the nose") and "daddy."  When we sign "I love you" (the one-handed ILY sign), he will stick out his hand with only his index finger pointed up.  It's adorable.

The kids have also taught him how to fist-bump with "explosion."

He is potty trained.  We read that he was, so when we arrived at the hotel, Ken took him to the bathroom.  While Ken was working on getting Tian's pants down, Tian lifted the seat! (Was he around Western toilets?)  Ken sat him up there and he peed!  We had read he has on BM every morning after eatgin, so this morning, after he had his bottle, I sat him on the toilet.  Poop!  Yay!  We take him to potty every few hours.  A time or two, he has indicated he needs to go by grabbing himself.  :)  I took him to a squatty today and he seemed to know exactly what to do in there, too.

He came to us with painted toes and hands.  He must have been around kids.

If you didn't see, I posted pictures of "Gotcha Day" and am now uploading some photos from today.  More will come, as we've had travel mates taking pictures, too.  I can't wait to blog more about yesterday and today, but free time is limited, so I must go!

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  1. I can just picture him with Ken, repeating the signs! How precious! So glad you have (had) some time to get to know him before his other brother came! And I'm especially thankful to hear that he seems to be doing so well with all the newness.