New Pictures of Tian!

Doubly-blessed this month! Tonight, we got a letter from a friend in China last month and saw Tian when he dropped in for a medical checkup.
He doesn't look too thrilled to have his picture taken, but he's just precious!  Gotta love those pink shoes!

Today, I was reading a new friend's blog and she said this:
It is nearly impossible to put into words the longing I have for my little girl.  It is so hard to know that she is mine, to love her so deeply, and to not be able to hold her.  Imagine missing the first two years of your child’s life.  I have no idea what she ate today.  I wonder did she get any attention at all today?  Has anyone ever rocked her to sleep or comforted her?  I search online for history of her city and pictures of her orphanage.  I search the location where she was found on google earth, anything just to have a piece of her.  My heart longs for anything to hold on to while I wait.

Yes! I completely identify.  Each picture is cherished. Relished. A true treasure.  Seeing the boys grow via photos is bittersweet.  I'm thrilled to catch any new glimpse of the boys and am so thankful for the updates, but it's also heart-wrenching.  Each photo reminds me how much they are growing without Ken or me there to see it.

We are down to the last couple of months.  We are trusting God, knowing that He has had these boys' lives in His hands since before they were knit in their birthmothers' wombs.  He knew they were a part of our family.  He knows the very day we will meet the boys.  We can rest in that.


  1. Amen. We have so much love for Tian and Travis. Such a blessing they are to our family already. It is comforting to know that God has them in His care as He prepares everyone for the time of uniting you and the Brownies with your other sons and their siblings. The day is fast approaching. What joy!!!

  2. Amen from me, too! I just sent your blog link to a family in our homeschool group who just returned from China with their little girl. It seems those who adopt, especially from one particular country, are all one big family, and I know you all encourage one another in a way no one else can!

    Love you all and are praying for you often!

  3. These boys are growing so much! They are both looking so handsome and strong. (Even in pink shoes!) Maybe it's the bulky clothes, but they both appear like they are going to enjoy some good ole' wrestling matches! ;)

    Lisa J.


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