Since we got TA, I've had a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night.  Even when I'm wiped out, I lie down and get butterflies in my stomach thinking about the trip.  Or I'll imagine the boys lying on the bed next to me, sleeping while I stroke their black hair.  That thought makes me cry.  So, I've relied on going to and watching Jimmy Fallon followed by many clips of the show.  The commercial between each clip is normally when I drift off to sleep, unable to keep my eyes open any longer, normally in the 2 o'clock hour.

This nighttime wakefulness leads to morning-time sleeping in.  (Acutally, I've been waking up at 6am with butterflies all over again, so I get up, do a few chores, then crash back to sleep from about 8-9:30.)

Two mornings ago, I woke to find the Brownies up, having eaten breakfast, working on this countdown chain.

We used to make these when the kids were small and Ken began traveling with Sprint. It helped them know how many "sleeps" we had left before Daddy would be back.  They are old enough to read a calendar now, but they knew this would be more fun!  It is!  Tomorrow morning, we will take off the yellow #8 link, leaving only 7 more days until we go!


  1. we're big "chain" people! I did one with the wait for Lainey (that one was LONG), did one for the kids left at home for both of our China trips, and then did one for Dylan to countdown to his cast removal after amputation surgery. Love the chain, it's such a visual for any kind of WAIT :)


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