Travel Conference Call

We just had our travel conference call.  Ken and I are so very impressed with our agency, CCAI.  They have been amazing every step of the way and today, hearing from the founder/director himself, Josh, was a great comfort.  He let us know that he and his wife Lily have prayed for us and our kids by name from the beginning. 

I'll share some of the wisdom Josh shared with us and that we will take with us on our journey:
- Be positive! that won't be too hard for me
- Be extroverted, at least for these few weeks in China. naturally
- When you arrive at the airport and meet your guide, give them your brain! Your guide will be your social worker, guide, interpreter, advocate and best friend.  Hallelujah! I was hoping I wouldn't need it.
- When the going gets tough (you're sick of the food, hot, ready to be home) just repeat, "I'm going to survive my 3 weeks in China!" I am going to survive my 3 weeks in China!
- CCAI's goal is for families to have a smooth trip focused on the kids and becoming a family, NOT worrying about money, transportation, tipping, exchange rates, etc.  Again, hallelujah!

So very thankful to have the right agency for our family. 

Time to go shop!


  1. All continues to fall beautifully into place. God is blessing you as you continue your journey.

  2. Sarah, isn't Josh just wonderful?! CCAI rocks, and you'll see that in spades on your China trip. The guides DO literally take care of every-little-cotton-pickin' detail and you just follow their lead. They are beyond fantastic. Our favs have been George, Yisha, Rita, and Kathy. Maybe you'll have one of those?
    So, yes, check your brain at the airport and pick it back up on your way home! Hee heee..

  3. Sarah,
    I know that what we sometimes perceive as chance meetings or coincidence, is actually God's hand at work in our lives in ways we just haven't figured out yet. I know our relationship is very casual and mostly online, but I did want you to know how much having this small online window to your adoption journey has blessed me. The faith your family have demonstrated in this has been truly a wonderful encouragement to me. I have been praying for the Brownies both stateside and in China. I will lift you all up in prayer while on your journey to bring the boys home. Thank you for allowing me that privilege!

  4. And ZVRS interpreters are AWESOME!! They did outstanding job interpreting the phone call.


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