Zhengzhou SWI

In all my searching for Travis' SWI, I found even more information on Tian's.

Here are my favorite pics:
Ariel view of ZZ SWI. I instantly recognized the architecture from pics of Tian.

Compare these with the pictures below of Tian.

These two are of Tian with his foster mom.

This is Tian with Xia, who works in Colorado for CCAI.


  1. just thought I'd share that this is the Zhengzhou CWI. not the SWI. There is a difference. the CWI was opened in 2008. prior to the opening of the "Children's Welfare Institute" the kids were housed in the SWI... or the Social Welfare Institute. My boys were adopted from the CWI in 2009. Figured I'd share as it might be confusing if someday they are looking for more info... congrats! he's a cutie!


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