Glitch is not a happy word in the adoption process.  We thankfully avoided any major glitches with our move.  At the most it put us back 2 weeks. 


Remember how I posted that we had PA (Provisional Approval)?  Well, we didn't.  The paper we got was simply a receipt from USCIS stating that they had our I-800 and payment.  Knowing it could be another couple of weeks, I waited.  Then I started seeing tons of people (from my same agency) post online that their PAs had come after only 10 days.  For us, almost 3 weeks had passed, so I emailed our CIS officer.  

There was a "glitch" somewhere and he didn't have a couple of the forms he needed.  We had sent everything, but he still needed something from another source.  I emailed the source and the forms were sent the next day.  I've been waiting to call to ask why things weren't done in a timely manner because I don't want to call angry.  I also need time to sit with the Lord and rest in knowing that He has this entire timeline in His hands. 

Even so, I'm anxious.  I fight tears often throughout the day and push back a pit in my stomach that has evidently decided to make its home there. 

When we first started this process in July 2010, we were advised that timelines were varied, but that we *could* travel as early as February or March.  As we came to the end of the year, we had a more solid timeline and knew it would be summer.  We prayed for any time before June 1.  After we got our LID (log in date), we had an accurate window of 11-15 weeks and knew we would travel some time in June. Okay, I can handle June.  June is so much later than I imagined it would be back in July, but I've grown very fond of June.  If this "glitch" has set us back, I'm going to be miserable sad lean in to God even more to carry me until I can hold Tian and EnEn in my own arms.  Why don't I just lean now? And pray without stopping?  And trust that the timing is just right?  Until I can hold the boys myself, I know that God has them (and me...and our family) in His arms.  What would I do without Him?


  1. sorry to hear this. I can only try to imagine the disappointment and frustation. God IS at work in the details. He has a plan. Maybe it's to protect you and the boys or maybe He wants you in China on certain dates? Or maybe He just wants to "hold" you for a while? He is a good God all the time and, in uncertain times, (we've had lots of our own lately) I'm ever more grateful for that.

    Lisa J.

  2. More labor pains, my friend! They will soon be past, and you'll be rejoicing. I know it's hard to see past this. I know you know God is in control, and His loving hands are all over this process. Remember, they who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength!


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