Day 9: Shaolin Temple Tour

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On one hand, we enjoyed seeing the birthplace of Kung Fu.  It was truly a beautiful place.  BUT, we also did NOT enjoy the long bus ride or having to follow a schedule that was not ours.  We've learned that we aren't really "group tour" type people.  We love the people themselves.  We enjoy seeing sights and having a guide to share so much information.  But the schedule is hard to keep.

We arrived a little too late to catch the Kung Fu show, so we ate lunch right then (we had just eaten breakfast less than 3 hours prior, but "go with the flow!"  We then went on to see the Pagodas, then the temple.  At 3:00, it was time to que up for the Kung Fu show.  We were hot, sweaty, and tired.  It's amazing how people crowd in and around.  With so many people, there is no other option.

On the way home from the temple, traffic was horrible, so the already-long 2-hour drive became an even longer drive.  One hour into the drive, Kenzie had to use the restroom.  She held it for another hour before being so miserable she could no longer stand it. She was in tears and I was ready to tear my skin off from sitting on the bus so long.  When traffic refused to budge, we finally asked our guide if the bus could pull over.  He had mercy on Kenzie and pulled over to let Ken, Kenzie and one of our guides, Apple, off the bus.  We went on another 20 minutes to the hotel and they caught a cab back.

Once at the hotel, we got all of our adoption paperwork.  We now have Tian's finding ad, adoption papers, and birth certificate.  His birth certificate made me cry.  It just simply states his birthday and that his birthplace and parents are unknown.  Well, now he has been reborn: Tian Wendell Brown. Parents: Ken and Sarah Brown.

Tian's personality is coming out.  He fusses more and does not like to be told "no." (What two year old does?)  He doesn't like to be separated from me very long.  When he's fussy, he prefers to go to Momma.  Otherwise, he's happy with the entire family.


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